Private Equity Investments & Expertise

Private Equity Investments

TAP looks to generate outstanding returns by partnering with operating management teams and other talented investors. At TAP, we invest our own capital and that of our co-investors, and are not constrained by outside fund investors or short-term exit strategies. Our value added investment approach focuses on identifying opportunities where we can (i) invest in compelling growth situations, (ii) actively leverage our management philosophies, detailed corporate strategies, and customer service execution, and finally (iii) leverage our market knowledge to assist in the ultimate outcomes, enhancing the profits, by assisting with proper execution of business plans and the ultimate exit strategy. We seek out opportunities that provide an appropriate balance of risk adjusted internal rates of return (IRR) through the implementation and execution of investment specific business plans.

private-equity-meetingAs a firm, we believe that a highly attractive operating environment is available to investors with proven operating expertise, segment market knowledge and the ability to execute complex transactions. TAP focuses on opportunities where it has an advantage due to shortcomings in the management processes at hand in the operating companies it is assessing and where it has an ability to add value through intensive asset management and management efficiency improvements. Through strategic partnering with qualified operators, we are able to produce above average returns on investments and create cultures that produce companies that competitive players want to acquire, ultimately providing investors exceptional risk adjusted returns.

Investment Expertise
TAP founder has an investment record that spans over twenty years and includes over twenty-five transactions, most with exemplary results.

Strategic Relationships
With a twenty year track record of success, TAP has developed a network of relationships that can be utilized to enhance each portfolio company's strategic plan.